Plum Deluxe

Happy Tea Tuesday and welcome to An Opportune Moment’s first ever giveaway! This post comes to you in 3 parts: Part the 1st I want to talk about customer service (Or, why I’m having a giveaway) By now, I think you’ve all heard about the fire that destroyed my apartment and most of my possessions, […]

Driving to New Hamoshire

Hello friends, It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on the ‘ole blog in part because 2014 was kind of terrible. At the very least, there was a lot of upheaval in my life last year. Anyway, I got an email from wordpress a week ago inviting me to look back on my year […]


On Saturday, August 9th, my apartment burned down. I’m going to tell you the story, but first I need to work through the semantics of what happened. “Burned down” feels wrong because the building is still standing, if structurally unstable and unlivable. I can drive by my former apartment and see one tattered curtain still […]

lion crop

I’ve been home from Senegal for about a month now, and I still haven’t written anything about that trip. Instead, I’ve been helping my mother move, reading novels, running daily, working part-time at the Museum of Science in Boston, and generally trying to be a good and happy person. My 3-week trip to Senegal feels […]

Dakar, Senegal by Jeff Attaway (Creative Commons)

I’ll be in Senegal! I’m spending three weeks traveling around this West African country and visiting my friend, Kristen, who is volunteering with the Peace Corps there. Kristen and I have been friends since high school, and I’m excited to have her show me around the country she’s called home for the last year and […]

Lassis being made at Blue Lassi in Varanasi

I love to eat. I have a board on pinterest called “The Opposite of a Picky Eater,” because that’s what I am. I will try everything once (or twice) and there is almost nothing I dislike because most everything is agreeable to me. My categories are more or less: 1. this is delicious or 2. this […]

Burlington is a tad cold in January.

I haven’t done a link round-up in a few months, so, I’m sure you’ve all missed hearing about my excellent taste in internet. When I wasn’t busy curating this list of links last month, I took two trips around New England. One was an overnight to North Conway, New Hampshire with E for our 5-year […]


I can’t NOT write about Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. If there’s a “beaten path” for backpacking Europe, Plitvice is definitely on it. I know many travel bloggers before me have visited and written about this place, but Plitvice is awesome, so I’m going to go ahead and join their ranks. In particular, I […]

Maui, March 2013

2013 didn’t suck. I mean, for God’s sake, I started the year by living in Hawai’i for two months (and it cost less than $1500 — yeah, read that post if you haven’t already) — obviously, 2013 didn’t suck. I’m writing this post from my apartment outside Boston where I live with a wonderful man […]

Tea tin pictured here beside some of my many Christmas knick-knacks

Well, you know how the song goes. The tree is decorated, there’s snow on the ground, and it’s feeling pretty festive at The Beach House lately. This morning I even drank a cup of Winter Delight — the loose leaf black tea that Katie and I bought in Sarajevo last Fall. In order to best […]