Travel Linkspiration: September 2013

The view from the top of Mount Major, New Hampshire, September 2013

The view from the top of Mount Major, New Hampshire, September 2013

I can’t believe September is already over, and I’m leaving for India in less than a week, and when I get back (October 29th) it will basically be November.

Everything I’m planning right now is based around November. I’ll pitch that story, write that post, work more hours, etc. in November, which is so weird because November is the start of the holiday season and that’s the end of the year, and I mean, I love that time of year, but wasn’t it just summer, like, yesterday? What? How?

Anyway! Enough about time passing at a terrifying rate!

Here’s the awesome travel content you may have missed last month:

Practical Posts:

The Ultimate Guide to Eating Dim Sum is a mouth-watering post from Nomadic Samuel about a style of food I’ve been meaning to try.

What 6 Months of Traveling in Southeast Asia Cost Me from Be My Travel Muse is an incredibly useful article if you’re trying to budget a trip to the region.

25 Ways You Can Improve Your Photography Today is an interesting post from The Phoblographer if you’re in an artistic rut.

Travel Money: Credit and ATM Cards from Wanderlust and Lipstick outlines the no fee cards I should probably start carrying.

Reflective Posts:

On Cultural Identity and Mixed Feelings is a very important post from The Kay Days about racism on the road.

Finding My Footing in Edinburgh from meganotravels talks about how embarking on a long-term solo trip can be rough.

Witty Souvenirs Replace Wonders of the World is a cute photo project featured on flickr’s blog.

Opinionated Posts:

Should Foreigners Pay More? Damn Straight. is a post that I could not agree with more from Around the World in Eighty Years.

America’s Best Craft Breweries: The State-by-State Breakdown I’m including this list because it names Smuttynose as New Hampshire’s best brewery, and I love Smuttynose.

5 Fabulous Fall Fiction Novels That Take You Away from Walking on Travels provides book recommendations for the wanderlust-inclined.

And something about Barcelona because I’m obsessed #sorrynotsorry:

Please enjoy this video of what the Sagrada Familia will supposedly look like when it’s completed in 2026.

What did you read and love this month? Share in the comments, sis plau! (That’s Catalan for please!)



  1. Thank you for the mention, Emma! 🙂 Hope things are going well with you!

    1. You’re welcome, Kay! I’m doing great, and I hope you are too. Congrats on launching Wanderversity!

  2. Stephanie · · Reply

    I went to a dim sum place here recently and I ate a chicken foot and “thousand year old egg” soup; You should definitely try it! (But it helps to go with a crowd who is familiar with this style of eating if you visit a more authentic place). Good luck with your trip!

    1. How was the chicken foot? I’m planning to go to a place in Boston’s Chinatown with a friend who loves it and has been before. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. bemytravelmuse · · Reply

    Thanks for including my post! So glad you found it useful.

    1. You’re welcome! I’ve never been to Southeast Asia, but I’m hoping to get there sometime next year and I’ll definitely be keeping your post in mind as a resource.

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