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Guest Post: Haleakalā Crater

Emma is still in India, but before she left, she asked her boyfriend if he would write a guest post for her. I said that I’d be happy to. I’ve been holding down the fort while Emma has been gone, getting to spend some quality time with the cat, so I’ve had plenty free time […]

Travel Linkspiration: August 2013

This has not been a traveling summer. Other than quick visits to my mom’s house in Rhode Island, and E’s folks’ house in New Hampshire, I’ve just been at home in Revere. It looks like September is going to be more of the same, but, October? Oh man, is October going to be different! I’ll […]

Travel Linkspiration July 2013

I spent July settling into my new apartment in Revere, MA, watching Orange is the New Black, and attempting to take my writing career seriously. The rumors are true: freelancing isn’t easy. The one trip I took in July was to a lakeside cabin in New Hampshire where I spent a few days with some […]

This Tea Tuesday, It’s Actually Ti Tuesday

I decided not to write a new post on Sunday because it was Father’s Day, and, if you don’t know why that matters, please see the previous blog entry. You don’t even have to read the post, you can just look at the title. I’m back today because it’s Tuesday, and on Tuesdays I drink […]

Travel Linkspiration: May 2013

During May, I roadtripped through the Southeastern United States, spent a weekend in rural Maine, and visited Canada for the second time in my life. I took a photo of this Moose Mountie in Toronto’s CN Tower. He looks like a fun guy, no? In case you missed it, here’s what else happened around the […]

Weekly Travel Inspiration: Adventures in Travel Vlogging!

This week, I am proud to bring you your weekly travel inspiration in video form! Press play to hear about whales and the two months I spent living and working at an organic farm on Maui. Joyful discussion of humpback whales by me, filming by my boyfriend, E, editing was a joint effort. I hope […]

Weekly Travel Inspiration: Here Comes the Sun

It has not been a “long, cold lonely winter” for me in Hawai’i, but Spain is experiencing its third consecutive year of recession, with unemployment at 26% for the general population, and over 50% for my age group, the under-30s. This flashmob orchestra, organized by a radio station in Madrid, endeavored to brighten Spaniards’ days […]

Weekly Travel Inspiration: Hobbit Safety

I know this video came out a month ago, but I saw The Hobbit recently and it seemed appropriate. In case you haven’t seen it yet, Air New Zealand came out with an airline safety video that is Lord of the Rings themed. Peter Jackson has a quick cameo, and the whole affair is silly […]

Weekly Travel Inspiration: End of the World Edition

In honor of the world NOT ending today, your weekly travel inspiration is a video about people making the most of everyday. One Day on Earth encouraged people all over the world to film on December 12, 2012 (12.12.12) and submit the footage to be compiled into a feature length movie. This was the third […]

Weekly Travel Inspiration: Road Trips

(Weekly Travel Inspiration is a feature on this blog where I share a link, book, or film that incites my wanderlust, and might incite yours too!) It’s time for some nostalgia, friends. Thus far on this blog, I’ve mostly written about international travel, but this time last year I was enjoying the most quintessential of […]