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India, Incoherently

I’ve been thinking about India lately. Disparate thoughts. Not terribly coherent. It’s hard to be coherent about a subcontinent; I worry about simplifying or fetishizing. My partner, E, and I moved last month, and since then I’ve eaten dinner at Momo N Curry, a Nepali and Indian restaurant a few blocks away, about once a […]

I Want to Buy You a Cup of Plum Deluxe Tea

Happy Tea Tuesday and welcome to An Opportune Moment’s first ever giveaway! This post comes to you in 3 parts: Part the 1st I want to talk about customer service (Or, why I’m having a giveaway) By now, I think you’ve all heard about the fire that destroyed my apartment and most of my possessions, […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Well, you know how the song goes. The tree is decorated, there’s snow on the ground, and it’s feeling pretty festive at The Beach House lately. This morning I even drank a cup of Winter Delight — the loose leaf black tea that Katie and I bought in Sarajevo last Fall. In order to best […]

Franz & Sophie: Another Reason to Love Sarajevo

Yesterday, I wrote about my love for Sarajevo. And today, I’m sharing the last (and possibly most important) reason I fell for this city. Are you at all surprised that my reason is a teahouse? Katie and I read about a teahouse called Franz & Sophie when we were looking up interesting restaurants in Sarajevo […]

Echinacea Tea and the Bradford, VT Film Slam

Just a quick update this Tea Tuesday. If you like An Opportune Moment on facebook (see what I did there?) you know that a couple weekends ago I was in Bradford, Vermont for the 4th Annual Cohase 48-Hour Film Slam. It’s one of two Vermont film slams my boyfriend, E, and I (and a group […]

First Flush Tea

This Tea Tuesday, I’m drinking First Flush Tea from Charleston Tea Plantation, and friends, it is everything a cup of black tea should be. What is First Flush tea? The “First Flush” is the first harvest of the year, which occurs in the spring when tea plants experience escalated growth following a winter dormancy. The […]

Charleston Tea Plantation!!! (The Most Exciting Tea Tuesday Yet)

Back in May, I took a road trip with two of my closest friends from college. Our trip started at my former apartment in DC, where Lisa was still living, and took us South to Miami and back. On the way, we stopped in Williamsburg, VA, where I learned that colonial history happened somewhere other […]

Iced Tea, Sweet Tea, and That Elusive American Tea Culture

Last Tuesday, I shared a recipe for making chai concentrate, and I was sure to point out that it can be served hot or over ice. I mentioned this because most of my readers are from the United States, where it’s currently summer, and the weather is hot. Although many cultures persist in drinking hot […]

Tea Tuesday: Chai Concentrate

My tea making adventures didn’t end when I left Hawai’i. Just because I can no longer collect leaves and herbs while wandering from my cabin to the kitchen doesn’t mean I can’t visit my local co-op, pick up some spices from the bulk section, and make my own tea blends. So! E and I made […]

This Tea Tuesday, It’s Actually Ti Tuesday

I decided not to write a new post on Sunday because it was Father’s Day, and, if you don’t know why that matters, please see the previous blog entry. You don’t even have to read the post, you can just look at the title. I’m back today because it’s Tuesday, and on Tuesdays I drink […]