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Yankee Elitism and Southern Hospitality

I’ve been writing a lot lately about stereotypes, misconceptions, and open-minded travel (see: Understanding Istanbul and An Opportune Moment is Going to India). Learning from travel rather than confirming our own previously held beliefs is important to me, and it’s a topic that will continue to appear regularly on this blog. A few weeks ago […]

Understanding Istanbul

There were many things I liked about Istanbul: The steep, narrow streets that led Katie and me to Galata Tower, which, mercifully, had an elevator and rewarded us with this view: The contrast between the Hagia Sophia’s somewhat faded exterior and its cavernous, rich interior. The tea that our hostel always had on offer. The […]

Travel Linkspiration: May 2013

During May, I roadtripped through the Southeastern United States, spent a weekend in rural Maine, and visited Canada for the second time in my life. I took a photo of this Moose Mountie in Toronto’s CN Tower. He looks like a fun guy, no? In case you missed it, here’s what else happened around the […]

Weekly Travel Inspiration: Shanghai Calling

You may have noticed that Weekly Travel Inspiration has been branching out to include book reviews, enough book reviews that I gave them their own category. Well, this is a movie review. So, I guess further branching out was in order. China has never been high on my list of countries to visit, and I […]

One Month in “Paradise”

Thursday marked one month that E and I have been living and working on Maui. He works at the farm stand selling banana bread that’s baked fresh every morning. I work in the kitchen making candy and hot sauces that we also sell at the stand. We both work in the vegetable garden and around […]

Weekly Travel Inspiration: Where to Go in 2013

I’ve seen a lot of articles lately about where to go in 2013 and it got me thinking about two things: 1. All the places I want to go in the world and how that list isn’t getting much shorter. 2. The way that pretty much every aspect of life is subject to trends. When […]

Weekly Travel Inspiration: The Happiest Countries in the World

When I first arrived in Copenhagen a few weeks ago, my mom (hi Mom!) shared this article with me on facebook. It lists the top 5 happiest countries in the world according to two different reports. The first is The World Happiness List (commissioned by the UN) which ranks Denmark as the happiest country in […]