The Great European Adventure

Happy Thanksgiving from Croatia


There was no turkey to be had in Dubrovnik, and my friend Katie is a vegetarian anyway, so we celebrated the day with a multi-course meal at a Bosnian restaurant.


My meal came with a baked potato!

I told Katie I was hoping to find apple pie somewhere in the city, but when I saw a dessert on the menu called Tufahije, and the description was “baked apples with walnut and chocolate filling, whipped cream,” well, I was sold.


Please note the walnut brittle tucked into the whipped cream.

We wrapped up our meal with tea, which came with complimentary Turkish Delight.


All in all, I thought it was a pretty successful Thanksgiving abroad. I had a friend by my side, and yummy food, and now we’re back at our lovely hotel listening to Christmas music, what more could I need?

Over lunch, we talked about what we’re thankful for this year, and unsurprisingly much of our lists were travel related. We’re thankful for hot showers and a good night’s sleep after our overnight train adventures, potable water and access to food. I’m especially thankful for delicious food–it’s pretty awesome that people eat for pleasure, not just for sustenance. And I’m thankful that my friends and family have chosen to travel by my side. It’s a blessing to share this trip with them and I feel lucky that they are willing to spend so much time with me!

Finally, I feel I have to reference my blog’s name and say, I’m thankful for this opportune moment in my life to travel and experience new things all over the world.

Emma Holliday is well-traveled. After 5 years in Boston, she and her husband upended their lives to move to Berlin where she is currently writing a (funny) book about travel and grief and attempting to learn German.


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