Weekly Travel Inspiration: Exhausted Edition

This week’s travel inspiration is the fact that I’ve been on the road for the last 48 hours.

Traveling from the Greek island paradise of Kea


to the city of Sarajevo has involved

1 ferry
2 buses
and 3 trains, 2 of which were overnight.

On the first overnight train, my friend Katie and I just booked normal seats and enjoyed no sleep–the train’s fluorescent lighting never so much as dimmed, and passengers came and went all evening. So, on the second overnighter, we learned our lesson and spent a little extra money on a berth.

We also enjoyed an unexpected stopover in Sofia, Bulgaria because there were no direct trains from Thessaloniki to Belgrade. There were actually no international trains out of Greece at all, which was a little unexpected.


Roman ruins recently uncovered in the city center of Sofia.

I actually really enjoyed this brief excursion to Bulgaria, and I plan to write a post elaborating on the three hours I spent there.

But for now, the point, gentle readers, is that sometimes travel is exhausting, but it is absolutely worth it. Unexpected detours, trains that don’t exist, time zone changes, and conductors who don’t speak English are all part of the fun. If nothing else, 48 hours of travel certainly teaches you to appreciate a hot shower.

What’s the longest you’ve ever spent in transit?



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  2. […] wrote a brief post about the 48 hours we spent in transit when it happened, and promised a more in depth post about Sofia. So, here is my long overdue review […]

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