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Travel Linkspiration: January 2014

I haven’t done a link round-up in a few months, so, I’m sure you’ve all missed hearing about my excellent taste in internet. When I wasn’t busy curating this list of links last month, I took two trips around New England. One was an overnight to North Conway, New Hampshire with E for our 5-year […]

Travel Linkspiration: August 2013

This has not been a traveling summer. Other than quick visits to my mom’s house in Rhode Island, and E’s folks’ house in New Hampshire, I’ve just been at home in Revere. It looks like September is going to be more of the same, but, October? Oh man, is October going to be different! I’ll […]

Green Mountain Film Festival 48-Hour Film Slam

I spent this past weekend in Montpelier, Vermont, for the Green Mountain Film Festival‘s 48-Hour Film Slam. In fact, E and I came home from Hawai’i in part to participate in this event. Why was the 48-Hour Film Slam so important to us? And what the heck is a 48-Hour Film Slam, anyway? Good questions! […]

Weekly Travel Inspiration: Grand Central Station

I finally changed my homepage away from my alma mater’s student life page, which I think is a positive step towards adulthood. NPR is my new homepage, which is great, except that every time I open up Firefox I am bombarded with interesting-sounding news stories, and I have to spend time learning before I can […]

Tea Tuesday: Tealuxe

Tomorrow I will have been home from Europe for four weeks. I’ve mostly been spending the time with friends and family as well as sleeping in and organizing my closet. Today, however, I spent some time exploring my home state. I was meeting a friend in Providence (Rhode Island’s capital) this afternoon for coffee, but […]

Just a little more information about New Hampshire

I hope you find this enlightening and informative.

I’m a New Englander, btdubs

Tomorrow morning I’m heading to New Hampshire for a few days at a lakeside cabin with five of my friends from high school. Four years ago, before we all went away to college, we spent a weekend at this cabin talking about our hopes and fears for the future, reading aloud from terrible romance novels, […]