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Travel Linkspiration July 2013

I spent July settling into my new apartment in Revere, MA, watching Orange is the New Black, and attempting to take my writing career seriously. The rumors are true: freelancing isn’t easy. The one trip I took in July was to a lakeside cabin in New Hampshire where I spent a few days with some […]

A Happy and Amusing Daytrip from Krakow

My previous Krakow post was about taking a daytrip to Auschwitz. This post is a more cheerful daytrip you can take away from the city. Easily accessible by bus (take number 304 from Pawia St), the Wieliczka Salt Mine is a wonder to behold. English tours leave at least once an hour, and while they […]

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum

While I was in Krakow, I took a daytrip to Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum. I wasn’t planning to blog about this experience. When I visited Auschwitz, I tried to conduct myself respectfully, and to give the space the reverence it deserved. I hadn’t planned on taking photos, but after arriving, I felt comfortable doing so […]

8 Reasons Why Krakow Should Be on Your European Itinerary

I loved the time I spent in Krakow and, in my previous post on this city, I mentioned that I think it has something to offer most travelers. Here are eight reasons your next European vacation should take you to Poland’s cultural capital. 1. The Price is Right Poland is not an expensive country. Currently, […]

Krakow was a turning point

I didn’t want to leave Berlin. Berlin was big and interesting, and there was so much to see — this was why I had left my plans open, why my travel dates were all tentative, so I could stay longer in places I loved. But I didn’t love Berlin. It was beautiful, and historical, and […]