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Come on you Spurs!

If Afternoon tea was the one thing I had to do in London, then going to a football match was the one thing my brother had to do. And yes, we were in London, so when I say “football” I am referring to what the majority of the world calls “football,” and the US (rather […]

Tea Tuesday: Harrods

You didn’t think afternoon tea at Dean Street Townhouse was the only time I drank tea in London, did you? This particular cup was a darjeeling blend, the name of which I failed to write down. I enjoyed it along with some buttered crumpets after an afternoon spent exploring London’s iconic department store, Harrods. The […]

Tea Tuesday: Afternoon Tea in London

It’s the triumphant return of Tea Tuesday! I first visited London during my semester abroad in Barcelona. I had a friend studying in London, and spent a weekend visiting him; my two days in London were amazing, but they definitely weren’t enough time to see and do everything. One thing that I missed the first […]