Tea Tuesday: Christmas Presents

I’m the avid tea drinker in most of my friends’ and family’s lives, so tea and tea accoutrements  have become people’s go-to Christmas presents for me.

I have no problem with this trend.

My best friend visited Rhode Island this past weekend and, because I hadn’t seen her since I got back from Europe, she gave me my Christmas present then.

You guys, it was so exciting.


This is no ordinary tea tumbler (which is really just a fancy way of saying thermos that has a tea strainer in it). It’s lined with Yixing clay.


Yixing clay is especially porous clay that retains the flavor of the tea you brew in it. That means that as I continue to brew the same kind of tea in this tumbler, the tumbler will start to hold the flavor even without tea leaves!

The only problem is I have to pick what kind of tea I want my tumbler to taste like.

And I have to pick just one…


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