Tea Tuesday: The Tea Garden

I mentioned in my last Tea Tuesday post that Hana Farms grows many plants that can be made into herbal tea. They’re also working on making a designated tea garden, which is a number of stepped beds located beside the farm’s communal buildings.


Tea Garden as viewed from the lanai

Apparently, this area was entirely overgrown just a few weeks before I got here, but E’s sister started clearing the land and uncovered some forgotten stepped beds. The tea garden has become her pet project, and she has been rebuilding the rock walls out of the farm’s plentiful lava rocks, turning the soil, and planting.

So far, there aren’t a lot of plants growing, although there is lemon verbena, mint, and a few actual tea plants.

Stevia Tea Plant

A nice plant close-up for you all… I don’t actually know what kind this one is… but it’s in the tea garden, so I’m sure I’ll find out!

I’m excited to see how this garden evolves and to try my hand at making my own herbal teas. Hopefully, I’ll have more success than I did with last week’s Moroccan Mint…


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  1. […] Remember this plant? The one that’s growing in the tea garden, and I took a nice photo of, but didn’t know its name, but I liked the photo, so I still put it on the internet in a previous blog post? […]

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