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DC: Last Look

This will be my last post about DC (for now!) so I wanted to share some final thoughts on the city. I never did change my mind about the public transit system. It is comprehensive in that it serves many communities and runs from early in the morning until late at night. But there never […]

The Best Smithsonian You’ve Never Been To

Starkid, 2007, by Owusu-Ankomah; on display at the National Museum of African Art (Before I tell you about what I’m up to in Iceland, I’d like to wrap up writing about my adventures in DC this summer. You can expect a post about my first impressions of Iceland on Saturday.) The National Air and Space […]

Tea Tuesday: Teaism

For a long time I’ve identified myself as a tea drinker — built it into my personality. I bought a kettle before my freshman year of college because I wanted to be that quirky girl who was always in the dorm kitchen making tea. Because tea is so important to me, and to many other […]

Outdoor Film Screenings

In DC, outdoor film screenings are a summer staple — the nights are warm, the bugs aren’t so bad, and the parks are plentiful. I know of three outdoor film series in the DC metro area, two of which I’ve been to this summer. For the most iconic experience, pack a picnic dinner, and a […]


On Saturday, I went to the last day of Artomatic, which bills itself as “DC’s Biggest Creative Event,” and included ten stories worth of artwork by 1,300 artists and performers. I first read about it in Metro Weekly, which billed it as an “all-access arts clusterfuck,” and said that the event had returned after a three […]

Capital Pride

Who doesn’t love a good pride parade? With drag queens, marching bands, families, allies, gay cowboys, and countless political candidates hoping to snag “the queer vote”, DC’s pride celebration delivered an enjoyable afternoon this past weekend despite temperatures in the 90’s (around 35º C). Here are just a few photos: It does indeed.

DC: First Impressions

Yesterday my housemate Lisa and I made our first venture into the city. I’ve visited DC before, but not in about 10 years. My 7th grade class took a three day field trip to DC, but mostly I remember visiting the FDR memorial in the rain and drama over who was rooming with who at the […]

On the move

This post is coming at you from my new apartment via stolen internet. Thank god for people who still don’t put passwords on their wireless networks. (Don’t worry, I have no intention of stealing my neighbors’ wifi forever–Verizon is just having trouble activating the internet in my apartment.) Lack of consistent internet aside, this has […]


Yesterday I graduated from Tufts University, and as a (very) recent college grad, many people are concerned and curious about what I’m doing next. Luckily, I landed a fellowship in Washington, D.C. for the summer, so I have a response. I sound fairly legitimate when I say I’ll be working for the US Department of […]