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We’re still watching German dubbed Star Trek and trying to figure it out!

Have you been missing hearing us fail to understand classic sci-fi? Have you been aching to hear bad interpretations of cryptic plot-lines? Have you been bored by all this straight-forward media lately that plays in your native language?

Well, it’s your lucky day!

After living in Germany for nearly a year and a half, we’re watching more Star Trek dubbed into German and trying to understand it!

“Wow, a year and a half?” you might be thinking. “I’ll bet they’re fluent now! This podcast won’t be entertaining at all! It’ll just be some German-speakers watching Star Trek in German and then explaining it to us in English! I’ll just go listen to some My Brother, My Brother and Me, thank-you-very-much!”

But, you’d be wrong! Emma has continued studying German, but Ian has continued not studying German, so there’s a good balance of light German education and misguided synopses! (You can still go listen to MBMBAM, though, as long as you do it IN ADDITION to listening to us.)

Will Lieutenant Yar escape from her captors? Will Data successfully stage a coup-d’etat on the bridge of the Enterprise, or just bully Riker a bunch? Will the racism and sexism in this episode be addressed?

Find out now, in …

What We Think Happened: Episode 3

Ian Burnette moved to Germany in 2018 for a game development job. He gets lost easily and is impressed by scale (large or small).

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