Prague: First Impressions

I took an overnight train from Krakow to Prague.

My advice for that train? Don’t pay more than the standard fare, even if you want a smaller compartment, because you won’t get it. All the compartments are the same size — they can hold six people, three bunks on each side — just hope that some of the beds aren’t occupied. When you arrive, you’ll need to convert the benches into beds yourself and put on sheets. The conductor on my train didn’t speak English, so when faced with compartment mix-ups he was unable to say more than “no” to his passengers. He was in an awful mood when we all boarded the train at 11:00 pm, but by morning he was smiling, and I was exhausted having slept badly for fear of missing my stop.

Don’t worry, though, because when you arrive in Prague everything will be better (and the overnight train was a good learning experience).

Why will everything be better, you ask?

Prague Castle from across the Vltava River

Prague Castle from across the Vltava River

Because Prague is beautiful.

Rooftops of Prague

Rooftops of Prague

And, because you arrived in the city so early in the morning (thanks overnight train!), you’ll get to see the Charles Bridge before the vendors and pickpockets come out.

The Charles Bridge early morning crowd

Early birds on the Charles Bridge

It’s so nice to be out and about before 9:00 am. Too bad you aren’t really a morning person.

This is my tired face

This is my tired face


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