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    Budapest: Last Look

    The one place almost no one skips when they visit Budapest is the Széchenyi Thermal Baths. Photos of the bright blue outdoor pools juxtaposed with the buildings’ yellow facades have become quintessential images of this city. My advice if you choose to visit the thermal baths (which you absolutely should because, hello, 3 outdoor and 15 indoor pools easily accessible via public transit) is to bring a friend. I’m all for solo travel, but soaking in a hot tub is most enjoyable when interspersed with blissed-out conversation, so grab someone from your hostel before you head over or get friendly in the locker room.

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    Solo Travel and Self Care in Budapest

    Budapest would be the end of my solo travels, at least for a few weeks. It was my last stop before meeting up with my friend, Katie, and I had big plans for my last few days alone. But, by the time I arrived, I was tired. I’d been on the road for 6 weeks, and I hadn’t been sleeping well the last few nights. Other travelers told me that caving was the thing to do in Budapest, and exploring the underground cave system beneath the city sounded awesome! But… the tour I was hoping to enjoy included climbing and crawling through narrow passageways, and I wondered if I had…