Weekly Travel Inspiration: Scottish Independence

This week your travel inspiration is a BBC news article about a Scottish independence rally that happened in Edinburgh last weekend.

Thousands at Scottish independence rally in Edinburgh

A friend of mine who is a Gaelic speaker and a staunch supporter of Scottish independence posted this article on my facebook wall after we got dinner in Edinburgh. Over our meal, he informed me that a majority of Scottish people support independence, but I was still skeptical of the country’s ability to break away from the UK. There is a referendum vote on the matter planned for 2014, so I guess we’ll all find out then.

Now, you may be wondering, why is this travel inspiration?

And I’m going to go ahead and get philosophical for a moment. Articles like this remind me that the world is constantly changing. Lines on maps aren’t fixed the way they seem to be when we’re children studying for geography tests.

So go places, before they’re gone, or before they change. Not because the changes will be bad, but because it will be interesting to watch them unfold.

Maybe someday I’ll be able to say I visited Scotland when it was still part of the UK.

Where would you like to go sooner rather than later?


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