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We made a second episode of our dubbed Star Trek podcast!

Good news! After an overwhelming audience response of “… wow, you really didn’t know much about Star Trek, huh?”, Emma and Ian are back with a brand new, very exciting episode where we struggle to understand the plot of an episode of television older than we are that’s been dubbed into a language we don’t speak!

Admittedly, this episode is slightly more straightforward than the wonderfully mystifying Farpoint Station duology that we covered in the first episode … or maybe it’s that Emma’s German skills are improving!

Will the crew cure the mysterious horny illness that’s going around? Will Emma’s German class pay off and will she laugh at a bunch of jokes Ian doesn’t get? Will the Crushers save the day (because that’s the name of some of the characters, apparently)?

Find out now, in …

What We Think Happened: Episode 2

Ian Burnette moved to Germany in 2018 for a game development job. He gets lost easily and is impressed by scale (large or small).


  • RJ

    Me: “The second episode of What We Think Happened came out! I was listening to it on the way home.”
    Ian: “Oh yeah? How is it?”
    Me: “…very horny.”

    (I’m aware this is not 100% accurate and also considering some of the content in this week’s HARK, I would be a complete hypocrite if I were to complain about ribald podcastery.)

    • RJ

      Also (now that I’ve actually finished it) great episode! It’s neat that this project is getting more educational as you learn more German and more about Berlin!

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